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You’ve seen such difficult changes in your child. Your heart drops when they jerk in fear at every sound, wake up in tears, and express unexplainable emotions. You’re cycling between giving into every whim and going overboard with structure. You believe that you can “love them better” but you just aren’t sure how to turn that into reality.
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You are ready for healing to happen!

You’ve tried putting your child in time out. You have tried versions of gentle parenting that you have found online. You can’t help but feel like even if it does make a difference in your child’s behavior, it is only temporary. You want the parenting techniques to positively influence your child for their whole lives and to be intrinsic for them. You are tired of the conflict that parenting lacks joy and is fear-filled even though your child has your whole heart. My name is Brittany and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Play Therapist in Ball Ground, Georgia who has been creating space for healing to happen for 7 years. Children learn to better identify their sense of self, become aware of their emotional experiences, explore perspective taking, and develop awareness of limits during their work with me. I won’t just bring your child in the room and leave you as the caregiver in the dark. You will gain tools and in fact, caregivers of my clients often receive “homework” to continue the work at home. I will partner with you to understand what is working in the caregiver/child relationship and we will work together to brush up on what isn’t. There are no cookie cutter solutions here- because life is never that simple. BUT… I have so many tools and strategies at my disposal AND the intuition to help you find peace and internal guidance for your child. I help children by helping their support systems too. Sessions are held on a weekly basis. I want your kid to leave their first session feeling like, well, a kid- curious, playful, and full of hope. I also want that for you! My child clients learn to trust themselves, to understand their emotions and relational patterns, and then use that information to enhance their understanding of limits. These values can be woven into your child’s sense of self. Change in therapy is gradual but I am still temporary, you however are not. Caregivers of the children with whom I have privilege of working, will be given tools so they feel empowered at home. It is my belief that this continuity of language allows for faster healing. Contact me for a free counseling consultation. I know it can feel like a big step to call a counselor, but I’ll make it easy. We’ll spend 15-minutes on a video call and I’ll let you know how or if I can help. If I am not the right person, I’ll do my best to get you to the right person. Use the button to schedule a consultation. My specialties include trauma, PTSD, and attachment wounds.
Brittany L. O’Bryant


  • Attachment Issues
  • Early Childhood Trauma
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Abuse Survivors
  • Trauma
  • Parenting


  • Play Therapy
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Social Analytic Theory


  • Psychotherapy: $120
  • Play Therapy: $120
  • Consultation Call : $0


“There [aren't] enough words of gratitude to thank Ms. O’Bryant for what her counseling wisdom & techniques are accomplishing in the lives of 3 [kids] who were abused, grieving, withdrawn, & angry. The positive transformations [have been] incredible.”

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